Kotion Each G2000 gaming headset. Microphone, good sound, backlight

The fit is tight, the earphones firmly wrap around the head.
The base of the headband is also plastic, even in places where the size of the headband is increased.
The cable is not only good quality, but at the output it is protected by a thick plastic tip. The label on the cable says that it is a warranty label And the manufacturer is written Well, just sitting in the headset, watching a movie is nice, since the cable is long. Inside covered with material https://tonaton.com/s_287-margarine and mesh. Liked. Games where you want to listen to the steps go with a bang.
Inside in a carton the headset itself. For PS or for PC with a combined audio jack.
3.5 mm and USB connectors are protected by caps For example, for my INTEL NUC, this is the perfect solution.
The divider is made of plastic in some holes
Microphone like a microphone, 5 holes ))) But on the other hand, I really liked the detail in the games-movies.
Everything has returned to its appearance, while bending is not easy, it is tight, but pliable

Volume switch on the wire, immediately there is a microphone mute.
There is also an adapter from 2 minijacks to 1. link
Side view of the headphones. It’s metal painted plastic. Microphone, good sound, backlight

For example, I am not a special gamer, but sometimes we will load on the CS1.6 grid and be ready to attack from the flank – it’s just cool. A decent headset, there is not the necessary backlighting, https://tonaton.co.tz/s_42-chalet-for-rent large ear cushion diameters, clear sound and a good microphone. It’s brand new, so it won’t be clear soon. It remains only to connect the USB cable to the appropriate connector of the computer or power bank and see that the headset has only blue backlight. To understand the dimensions, I’ll practice a little with a caliper under the spoiler The headband is wide, solid, and the headband plastic bends. Headphones come in a bright beautiful package with glossy images of the headset There will be pictures here both with and without light to show the backlight, I don’t know who cares about it, but they do it for someone … Soft leatherette ear cushions
By appearance, I https://jiji.ng/osogbo/279-ovens will highlight the large ear pads, the soft cushion on the headband, the firm fit and the powerful headband arc.
Model in the lower left side I liked the sound of the headset.
What kind of Kaiju is drawn on the headphone cases

Kotion Each G2000 gaming headset.
Channels are signed inside the headband
In the dark And the details are clearly audible, there is no distortion in the bass, but there is practically no bass at all. Well, the details are under the cut. The surface of the plastic is glossy and collects "fingers" very well, which can be seen below Let’s see how the headset looks on the head… I chose blue color As in one topic I asked to test the bending of the headband, so I decided to do it myself. Looks smart (Like a Christmas tree)))) It is also much illuminated from the side (and it can be seen a little from the inside) They do not press, but after an hour or two, the ears already want to “breathe” Most importantly, the sound is CLEAR. Hello everyone! I myself posted promotions on gaming headsets, I myself received it for review. Enough to enjoy the boom in tanks, but the bass music does not pump. Of the minuses, I will single out a somewhat flimsy plastic in places where the headband is extended. In the light
Ear pads are large, soft, after 2 hours of use, the ears are not tired.
On the side QR codes to the website Briefly. As for the longevity of leatherette, I can’t say anything yet. There is no doubt that it will fall off, but there is a backlash. but in general, the headset caused a positive impression, not wow, but with its price per share, this is a good option.
Specifications on the back of the package A thick cable 2.1 m long, in a strong braid, is wound with a Velcro tie On the other hand, the same thing.
It says on the side that it is supported Computer, set-top boxes, laptops, etc. I can also add an example of recording from the microphone of this headset.
The Usb connector is just metal, and the 3.5 connectors are gold-plated And if anything, it’s easy to buy ear pads on Ali. The top of the headband is decorated with a corrugated pattern.