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Large amusement park to open in Sofia

The largest amusement park for children in Bulgaria is being built in Sofia, which will open in September this year. The facility area is 55,000 square meters. In the park, investors say, children of all age groups will find entertainment for themselves.

The construction of an ice rink is underway, which will operate throughout the year, an arena for equestrian sports, electronic games halls, a bowling alley, various types of sports grounds with exercise equipment, a trampoline, etc.

One of the main features of the park will be that children’s animators will work on its territory, in whose care parents will be able to leave their children and https://hata calmly go about their business.

The main idea of ​​the creators of the project is expressed in an integrated approach to recreation. In addition to attractions, the park will offer various types of retail and a variety of recreation and entertainment.

The park features large open spaces, modern wide terraces and a glass façade that give the impression of even more open space.