An electronic cigarette for advanced…

An electronic cigarette for advanced people. Vamo V6 Taifun GT.

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And so, why exactly Vamo V6 and Taifun GT…
Vamo V6 is a "professional" battery pack, powered by 18650/18350 batteries, allowing you to vape from 3 watts to 20 watts. This mod allows you to get an acceptable amount of steam (and, accordingly, taste), allows you to “smoke up” properly :)
Due to the buttons and settings, you can control all its options, adjust the vaping for your loved one. Usually they switch to such mods from all sorts of “ego-c, ego-twist, kanger-evod”, well, in general, they switch from “eyes”.
Personally, I bought it out of curiosity, I previously used the V5 version, and it became interesting what the Chinese brothers released there :)

Taifun GT is a serviceable atomizer, very large (holds 5 milliliters of e-liquid), designed for manual rewinding of the coil. This atomizer requires constant intervention (changing the wick, rewinding the coil).

Let’s start with Vamo V6.
This is what the box looks like:

The cardboard is thick.
Contents (everything was in bags:)

The box contains the mod itself, an additional spacer for the 18650 battery, and an adapter that turns the Vamo into a “power bank”.
There were no instructions in the kit, but you don’t need it … the mod is set up very simply!

Features and features mod:

0.75" OLED display screen showing volts, watts, puffs, atomizer resistance, output current and vaping time
Variable wattage — can be adjustable from 3.0W to 20.0W (in 0.5W increments)
Short circuit protection
Low load protection: Lower than 0.3 ohm when use 1 battery, Lower than 0.8 ohm when use 2 batteries; Lower than 5 ohm when use as a mobile power bank
Maximum output current: 7A
Over voltage (> 9V) and low voltage ( < 3.4V) warning
Vaping time setting: Auto

Height: 140 mm
Diameter: 22 mm
Weight: 123 g

This is what the mod looks like: (with spacer for 18650)

Without spacer: (18350)

510 connector, and ego.

Here is the most interesting! In the original Vamo V6, the connector is adjustable, and the engraving is not in the form of a cat … I think this is one of the modifications of this mod.

As far as I know, the original engraving looks like this:

Let’s analyze the mod:

There is nothing special here, the decorative ring is still the same as in the fifth version… If you vape some kind of clearomizer, you can unscrew it if you wish.

And by the way, the battery pack itself externally is essentially the same v5, all the differences are rather in the board (more on that later).

This is our lid, and a spring. The spring has become a little thicker, most likely brass.

And the hole on the cap is designed to exit the "gases" of the battery.

Let’s take a look inside:

We’ve sorted out the structure and appearance, now let’s move on to management.
The control is all the same, three-button, all information is displayed on a small OLED display.
Insert the battery… I use this Efest:

But absolutely any 18650/18350 will do, no matter what.
I insert the battery and see "Hello"

What I immediately liked was that you don’t need to press anything at all, it will work right away! And I think that they did it right, since this mod involves changing the battery when it is discharged, then the fewer unnecessary movements, the better. Just insert the battery and everything works. The firmware itself now feels like it loads faster. Well, of course, the watts-left and right buttons, respectively, are adjustable at will, step 0.5 watts. It is impossible to set the varivolt mode, only variwatt.
The central button, as you already understood, starts the process.
If you hold down the left button for a couple of seconds, we will see the voltage of the battery itself.
When you long press the right button, the inscription is displayed: M347A… What kind of inscription I didn’t smoke, I expected to see the resistance of the atomizer there… but alas…

When you press the central button (during hovering) the battery charge indicator is constantly displayed, the watts on which I soar and the voltage …